6 Essential Equipment Needed to start making Youtube Videos in 2023 (Youtube Starter Kit )

6 Essential Equipment Needed to start making Youtube Videos in 2023  (Youtube Starter Kit )

In order to start on Youtube, there are essential equipment needed to record and produce quality videos, that will attract viewers' interest and help you to succeed and thrive on youtube.

Youtube has become the biggest online platform where people share video content, including funny moments, comedies, films, and online courses, wherever you need it, you can find it on youtube. 

Countless People visit Youtube daily to search for different topics, many advertisers are using youtube to make their business known to the world, and YouTubers are making a  lot of cash from their videos. 

You can start a youtube channel as a side hustle or as a full-time job and make a living from passive income from youtube.

But you need to have right types of equipment such Camera , Microphone , etc in order to make quality and lovable videos , Here are what we are going to discus  .

Youtube is a great way for people to express their creativity, to teach what they love, and for business to tell their customers what they do , You can use youtube to promote anything for free, starting on youtube is free.

Here are 6 Equipment you need to start recording good videos to be uploaded on youtube 

Making good videos is not easy as you may think, it requires dedication, creativity, and the right tools to use, as people are making videos on youtube, it becomes difficult for bad videos to get views as viewers are interested in quality and well-visible videos.

Here is the Equipment you must have :

1. Camera 

Before you start a youtube channel, make sure you have a camera, you don't need an expensive camera
, any camera that can record the least video with 1080 p is enough

By using video editing software, you will get a quality video, you can buy a camera even at price of less than 50$ 

2. Microphone 


A microphone from the camera does not give a good sound, you need to have an external microphone that will help you to record your sound very well .

Bad sound may make your viewers not to continue watching your videos ,, Microphones from camera and from laptops are unable to eliminate ambient sounds effectively, so the next thing you need to do is to find an external microphone.

3. Tripod 


You need also a Tripod to hold your camera firmly so that it can not shake while you are recording, Tripod are great tools to stabilize your videos footages.

Shaking motion while you are recording, make your video bad and people will not want to watch it as they see it as a bad video.

4.  Lighting 


You need lighting especially if you are primarily recording indoors, lighting equipment provide brightness and the image becomes visible and clear.

Recording your video where there is not enough lighting, make your video darker and your image is not visible and identifiable.

5. Editing Software 

Editing Software

You can use video ending software such as Adobe Premiere, Canva, Clipchamp, etc,,,  those software help you to make your videos more lovable and visible and help to accelerate your work.

By using editing Software, you can edit, trim, video, freeze frames put animations, and remove unwanted parts, it makes your video more professional so that viewers will not hesitate to subscribe.

6. Computer


The last thing you need is a computer where video editing software is installed, the computer helps you to speed up your work.

You don't need an advanced computer even a simple laptop can do your work well,  you can buy your own computer or ask your friend to lend you one.

Is it possible to use your phone to record youtube videos ?

Yes it is possible , as technology is advancing, smartphones are made with capacity t record good video, most of them can shoot at 4K which is incredible but the problem is that microphones from phones are not good and may record sounds with echo .

It's advisable to buy an external microphone to be used while you are recording using your smartphone, after that you will get well audible sound.

Camera setting you should focus about 

It is good to check your camera setting before shooting your videos , here are what you should check 

  • Camera resolution at 1080p
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Autofocus 
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