State Earn : I tried making online Money with State Earn , Here are what i have discovered

I tried making online Money with State Earn , Here are what i have discovered

 State Earn is an online platform where people can make a lot of online money through referral programs, watching youtube and TikTok videos, reading sponsored posts, answering trivia questions, by spinning the wheel et...

On State Earn, you can also learn forex trading for free, there are many lessons and books there,  teaching about different topics, and you can even buy there , Instagram and TikTok followers.

One day, a friend of mine sent me a link about state earn, he told me that I can earn an unlimited amount of money by using this platform, as I am a curious person, I decided to join to check if this platform is really legit and work like they say.\

Overview of State Earn 

State Earn

State Earn is an online business where people can earn cash via different programs, you have to invest a little money to start, compared to other online money-making platforms, State Earn has many programs that help people to make huge money.

You can find state earn on you can sign up there easily by using email, or you can register by filling out the form there,   State Earn currently is accessible online in different countries, Uganda, Kenya Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. you can even pay to start capital using your national currency,.

Join by Clicking Here

State Earn was launched on 15 October 2022, and its domain name was registered on September 2022, which means it's still new and fresh, even if it's new there are a lot of testimonials of people who earned a massive amount of money here.

How does State Earn work and how can you join ?

You can join State Earn by referral from another person,  Starting capital is equivalent to KSH 450 or 4500 Rw francs, it's  one time fee paid once , after paying , your account you have created while you were joining become active , and you start by earning money from different programs such watching ads etc....

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Here are Different methods to Earn Money from State Earn

state earn

1.Referral program 

Here, you get an affiliate link, which you have to share with someone, if he/she decides to join, you can get a commission and the referral bonus is divided into 3 stages .

First stage :  

People who joined directly using your link, after they activate their account you get 250 KSH for every person joined  equivalent to 2000 Rw francs 

Second Stage : 

People who joined the platform using the link from your referrals, it means second-line referrals, you get 15o KSH for each person who joined it is equivalent to 1500 Rw francs.

Third Stage : 

You get 50 KSH equivalent to 500 Rw francs from invitees from your referral who joined the platform and activate their account.

2. Pay per Click 

Here you got paid by State Earn by clicking the link, mainly are sponsored posts, the more link you click, the more money you get.

3. Spinning 

Also, there is an option where you get paid by spinning, you can get 3.300 by spinning, it's a good option, by luck you get to earn a lot of money from this. 

4. Paid to watch videos 

Also, you can get paid by watching videos from youtube and TikTok, here you can earn a lot of cash by online watching these videos.

5. Trivia

Trivia is random questions, you are asked, by providing correct answers, you get paid, they are simple questions, you can answer without requiring much knowledge.

state earn

How do you get paid ? 

After reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold, you request to be paid via your account dashboard, in 24 hours you get the answer, and the money you have withdrawn are sent to your mobile money. 

How can you Join ? 

Joining is easy and fast , via this link you will get , the form to fill or you can join using your email , then you activate your account by paying 450KSH or 4500 RW francs .you can pay this fee using Mobile Money, MPESA etc...

After your account is active then log in and you will access all program where you can start making money easily 

Is state Earn Legit ?

Based on different information given above , you can say it is legit or not legit , if you join and don't get paid , according to testimonials from different people , they were paid by this platform with proof .

State Earn works only online , the  founder can close it anytime  wants , if you have money there , you risk loosing them , fortunately we can say it is a god platform , based in how they work , they will not close soon .

You can Join here   Join state Earn


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