I didn't know growing youtube Channel is very hard , Here are 6 Mistakes i have made

I didn't know growing youtube Channel is very hard , Here are 6 Mistakes i have made

 I started my Youtube Channel in 2018, i tried my best to grow on youtube by posting many videos and visiting my youtube channel, but unfortunately, I didn't get views and  Subscribers, even if I worked hard and tried to impress viewers but it didn't work.

After 4 years I had only 660 Subscribers and 350 videos, what did I do that prevented my youtube channel from growing? , I asked myself this question many times, Then I reflected back and analyzed my steps from the time, I uploaded my first video on my youtube channel and I found 8 Mistakes I have made that staked my journey on youtube.

Here are 6 Mistakes I've made that hindered my growth on Youtube 

I didn't know that growing on youtube requires dedication, patience, and effort, I did my best to grow my channel but all I have done. didn't give the expected results, after 4 years, I reflected back and analyze my youtube growth and found these mistakes.

Mistake No 1. Not sticking to my Niche 

By the time I started my niche Health, I had to make all my videos only related to health topics but also made motivational videos, and financial videos, and upload to my youtube channel.

This a grave mistake I made that hindered my growth because I confused youtube algorithms as well as my viewers and subscribers.

In order to get your videos suggested and recommended to many people on youtube, Youtube algorithms have to know your youtube channel and its niche and what you talk about and recommend your videos only to people interested in your niche and its topics.

Let's I  want to learn about Email marketing,  I will only view Videos pointing to email marketing, If I see any youtube channel with email marketing, of course, I will be interested and there is a high chance that i will subscribe and watch all videos on this channel, so this is my mistakes, I confused my viewers and People Interested to learn more about health.

Tips: Don't mix things, Please stick with one Niche, Produce only videos related to your chosen Niche 

Mistakes No 2. Bad Thumbnails and Bad titles 

Eye catching Thumbnails and Attractive Titles are like posters that advertise what you are going to talk about on your videos 

I randomly chose photos as my thumbnails and I didn't focus on my Titles, These killed viewers' interest, Noone wanted to to click on my videos because they were not attractive.

Before you know what is inside the videos, there must be something that induces your desire and awaken curiosity inside you , that's the power of a good thumbnail and attractive title.

Tips: Before you make your video, Please make an attractive thumbnail and choose your topic wisely even before recording your video 

Mistakes No 3. Producing more videos without focusing on their quality 

I Thought making more videos and uploading them regularly will make my youtube channel grow rapidly, but I was wrong, Making more bad videos will not make you grow, but making fewer good videos will favor your growth.

Many YouTubers will tell you that as you publish many videos, youtube will get more and has more to show to people,  But This advice is half wrong because Youtube focuses on how people like your video and how your video satisfies people's curiosity and starts to recommend your videos to many people.

Tips: Please focus on producing good and quality content than producing many poor contents as these will kill your channel.

Mistake No 4 . Not looking for Trending Topics 

Trending topics are what people are interested in at that time, People are searching about that topics and loving to know more about that topics, making content about these topics will help you to grow rapidly as there are a lot of people interested to know and are searching for it.

Analyzing trending topics on google and youtube is a good thing you must do as youtube, there are different online tools to use, some are free and others are paid. use VidIQ, Tubebuddy, and Google Trends to find trending topics in your niche.

I didn't know this, I made my content by choosing topics randomly, I didn't focus at what people are searching for and what are being interested in, at that time.

Tips: Please focus on producing content about trending topics as this will help you to grow rapidly 

Mistake No 5: Not focusing on low Competitive Keyword 

Keywords are what people are typing in Search Bar when they need to find something on youtube,  low competitive keywords will give you more opportunities to be more discoverable when people are searching for something related to your keyword.

Please before you make any content, it's good to think about keywords because they will help your video to be discoverable by many people.

At the start, I randomly choose my topics without thinking about keywords, and no one discovered my content, I thought youtube algorithms killed my channel but in reality, I was the one who killed my channel.

Tips: Please Explore Keywords before making videos, search for low-competitive keywords 

Mistake No 6: Inability to understand youtube metrics 

Youtube metrics give a clear picture of how your channel is doing and what to do to improve and to better attract your viewer interest.

all youtube metrics  are there to help YouTubers to understand what is going well and what is going bad , to understand these metrics help you to improve your performance and to reach your goals fast 

Some youtube metrics are 
  • Watch time
  • Average percentage viewed
  • Average view duration
  • Engagement
  • Click through rate 
  • Unique viewers
  • Subscribers growth 
  • Traffic source
  • Keywords 
  • etc...
Please it's good to learn youtube metrics and visit often your channel dashboard to discover and learn about your contents behaviour and how people are interested and watching your contents , learn from good and change what is not going well .

Tips : Learn to Read youtube metrics and use them to grow and to better perform on youtube 

Gatabazi Jean Sauveur

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