7 Evergreen high paying skills you should learn online for free

7 Evergreen high paying skills you should learn online for free

As the internet grows, there are new incoming jobs that are in demand nowadays,  soft skills are the ones that are paying high income and you can work anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

there are different skills, you can learn online for free but they are high-paying ones. you can learn them from alison.com, udemy.com, from edx.org, classcentral.com, etc.....

You just have to choose the skills you want to learn and register for online courses, you can choose paid courses or you can choose free courses.

Here are 7 high-paying skills you can learn online for free 

1. Copywriting 


Copywriting is the process of writing unbeatable texts/words that inspire or motivate people to take action, it is mainly used in advertisements.

Copywriter studies the target audience , understand what they need , and provides materials that motivate them and move them to take action.

What do copywriters do ?

  • Writing content with the intent of informing, educating, or inspiring an audience

  • Writing copy to move readers to action

  • Researching to find information, statistics, keywords, topics, and brand information

  • Editing to  refine grammar, style, readability, accuracy, voice, tone, and punctuation

  • Working as a project manager, which involves ideating topics, working with other creators, writing, editing, revising, and publishing

You can learn Copywriting online for free 

2. Video Editing 

Video Editing

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shotsVideo editing is used to structure and arrange  all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements, and video essays

You can Learn video Editing for free online,  even you can search teaching videos on youtube and learn video editing.

There are different online tools, you can use to make your video editing easy like websites called Clipchamp, canva, and invideo.io.

3. Digital marketing 

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is also called online marketing, is a process of promoting a brand to attract potential customers using the internet and  other online tools .

also is a process of advertising and selling a product or service using the internet,  for example, you can advertise someone's product or service and sell it , and you get commission.

It is a skill you can learn online, you can find digital marketing study tools online and learn its concept and how they work 

4. Graphic design

Graphic design

Graphic design is defined as the art of combining visual content to communicate messages, they combine images and texts in advertisements, magazines, or books to deliver an intended message to the audience.

Graphic design is in demand and will remain in demand , you can learn this skill online for free and there are online tools to help you to simplify this profession 

5. Web Development 

Web Development

Web development is the process of building and maintenance of a website, it requires work that makes the website look great, load fast, and be easy to navigate.

As the internet continues to grow at a fast pace, these skills are in high demand and you can work anywhere in the world, there are many online tools that make this easy and you can build many websites without using codes.

You can learn these soft skills online for free and work anywhere in the world, after getting a certificate, you can post your certificate on upwork.com, Fiverr.com, etc.... and find jobs  

6. ProofReading


is defined as the act of reviewing and fixing errors within the final draft of your writing to make sure the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format are consistent and accurate
Proof Readers try to find all mistakes in your work and correct them, they ensure that the message is well-given and clear. blog posts, advertisements, articles, and books, all require proofreading before they are published.

7. Software development and Game development

Software development and Game development
Software and game development   are skills that are in high demand , you can learn these two skills online for free 

People are making tons of money from making softwares and games  , you can also make your own money if you hae these skills , you can learn them online for free and get certificate 

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