6+ Side Hustle you can do from Home using your phone and get paid a massive amount of cash

6+ Side Hustle you can do from Home using your phone and get paid a massive amount of cash
Yes, you can make a lot of money from the comfort of your home using your smartphone, with no special skills and no experience required, as technology is expanding, many new jobs are being created and the way we do our daily jobs is changing, many jobs are being done without going in the office, what is needed here is the internet, computer or smartphone.

Many people are rushing to the internet to find different ways to make passive income, Side hustles are the primary opportunities to start with, and making some side money apart from your daily jobs will help you to grow financially, Here are Side hustles you can start.

1. Selling your stools 

selling poops

Yes, selling your stools can make you a lot of money, you can make around 500$ per each stool you give, please visit the website called www.humanmicrobes.org, you can register here and fill out the form requesting to participate in the stool donation program.

 In order to be selected you must be healthy, donate your stool, and get paid, they say your stool will be used in what is called  fecal microbiota transplants, and the microbiome 

Also, you can sell your stool on www.goodnatureprogram.com, good nature program is dedicated to the treatment of patients with gastrointestinal infections and disorders, you can check their website and look for requirements and start making money by donating your stools.

2. Be a Virtual friend to somebody 

Yes, some people are being paid to become someone's friend virtually, and there are some websites that hire people to spend time and chat with someone virtually.

Website  like be papa pal (https://www.papa.com/pals ), is paying to be a friend to someone virtually and you can be paid here 3K $ per month , it depends on your availability .
virtual friend

Another website is Rentafrient ( https://rentafriend.com ) you can be paid here by spending time with someone ,   chatting with someone virtual etc 


3.Selling your photos 

You can sell your photos taken by your phone and earn passive income from your daily hobbies ,  you can sell your photos on website called EyeEm ( https://www.eyeem.com)  , you go to this website and register and upload your photos

When someone buy your  photos , you get paid , you can get unlimited amount of money , all depends on the beauty and orginality of your photos 

sell your photos
There other online website you can sell your photos such as Foap . wirestock , pictufy etc....

4. Join Study pool and sell your study materials 

Study pool is online platform where you can sell your study materials including homeworks , questionnaires , old books , courses etc .. anything you use in your studies can be sold here .

People join study pool to sell their study materials and to explore differents courses materials being sold there . you can make up to 5K $ per month , if you have enough documents and study materials to sell here .
Join study pool

5. Sharing your data 

You can sell your data to someone and get paid , there is mobile application called Tartle and they have website https://tartle.co where you can sell your data and get paid , you register to tis website and give access to your daily data and get paid 


Join Tartle Join Here

6. Participate in Surveys (using Afrisight ) 

You can make money by giving your contribution in surveys ,  website such as Afrisight ( www.afrisight.com ) are paying people to participate in siple surveys where you answer some simple questions and get paid.

7.Find  Freelancing jobs online 

freelancing jobs

You can find freelancing jobs online by visiting upwork.com and fiverr.com and create profile there , if you have knowledge in something such video editing , posts writing , grapic designs etc.. you can find jobs that pay more than 1000 USD . 

Finding jobs there is easy , many people are making a lot of money by doing freelancing jobs , so you can . 
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