Is it Possible to mine Cryptocurrency using your phone ?


Is it Possible to mine Cryptocurrency using your phone ?

Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency using your phone such as Android Phone or iPhone, by using appropriate mobile apps, you can set your smartphone to the task of computing hash 

A hash s a way one of transforming of data but you can not mine bitcoin as it requires many computing power, by using your phone as a mining rig, its battery, and other hardware will die quickly. you can mine dogecoin, Monero, altcoins, etc... using your phone.

Mining cryptocurrency using will not yield much money to be worth the effort and time you put into it, it's better to use a powerful computer.

People using powerful computers get more incentive from mining than those using smartphones, using smartphones for mining will make your phone die in a short time .but there are some cryptocurrencies that don't need much power, you can mine using your phone.

There are software made for mining, and miners invest their money in ASIC mining devices to scale their profit and increase their mining yields, this also gave birth to the mining pool, where more computer power are brought together to improve miners' chance of solving the algorithm problem and get rewards.

How can you mine using your Smartphone? 

How can you mine using your Smartphone?

There are 2  methods, you can mine cryptocurrency using your phone 

1. Android solo mining 

Android solo mining is an attempt to confirm blocks of transactions on the blockchain alone as an individual miner using the smartphone.

You can use your phone to do solo mining 

2. Cryptocurrency Pool Mining 

Cryptocurrency Pool Mining

Here you join groups hosted by servers in which everyone contributes computing resources used to crack transactions.

if a pool successfully decrypts a crypto transfer, each miner in the pool gets his shares based on the amount of computing power he contributed .

there are different mobile apps that will help you to join mining pools such as minergate , Antpool, F2pool, etc....

Here are popular apps to mine on your phone 

How can you mine using your Smartphone?

You may start your mining journey by using the following popular mining mobile apps such as

  • Minergate by using minergate, you will be able to mine different altcoins such as monero , Minergate is easy to use and fast to set .
  • The bitcoin miner is also very popular and is being used by many who want to mine cryptocurrency using their phones.


Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency using your phone, you only need a smartphone and mining apps , but mining with your phone will have negative effect on your phone performance and it can be destroyed completely 
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